Range detail and flag heights:


The range is a proper benchrest shooting range, meaning that the bench top and the bottom of the target frame are on the same level. The bench tops is a concrete cast top built on a steady brick footpiece.


Bench specifications:

Top thickness is 10cm/3.93"

Bench width at top is 1.02m/40.15"

Length is 1.18m/46.45"


The range is built on a slight slope, therefore the flag height differs from bench 1 to bench 40.


Minimum flag heights:

Bench 1 - 1.40m/55.11"

Bench 17 - 1.82m/71.65"

Bench 40 - 2.20m/86.61"


This is measured from the ground to the top of the bench. The flag heights are given so that you have ample time to ensure your flags are long enough. You will also need to bring something to secure your flag stands in case of windy conditions.


Preliminary dates for 2019:


5 - 6 August - Air Rifle Practise

7 - 9 August - Air Rifle LV & Air Rifle HV

10 August - Rimfire Practise

11 August - Day Off

12 August - Rimfire International Sporter

13 - 15 August - Rimfire LV, Rimfire HV and Function




The range sits on an approximate altitude of 1243.1m/4078.4ft above sea level. Avergare day temperature during August is 23°C/73°F. Evening temperatures in Pretoria can drop as low as 5°C. August is also known as the windy month. Rainfall during August is very low.